Meaning of colors


Red: It gives Energy, a sense of necessity, passion, desire, love, anger, violence, and danger. The contradicting factors are love and danger. Also it can actually increase heart rates, respiration, and metabolism. If you felt anxious while shopping, this might be the reason. This is one of the reason why people using this color for sign in or sign up button in a website.

Orange: The color of Joy, aggression, change, and it calls to action. In the emotional spectrum Orange falls somewhere between red and yellow. It is stronger than yellow but much friendly than red. Darker shades of orange can be associated with the autumn season and the earth. Most of the retail shoppers use this color for their logo and other banners to show that they are customer friendly.

Yellow: This shows Optimism, sunshine, hope, energy, and happiness. Yellow is a good color for adding cheerfulness to your site. But be careful while you overuse yellow in your channels can be hard on the eyes because sometimes it associated with weakness. Less yellow will gives you proper result, so use it wisely.

Blue: One of the cool colors; which indicates trust, security, calm, responsibility, friendliness. The color blue is often used by banks and businesses to create an atmosphere of trust and responsibility. The meaning behind blue will vary depending on its shade and hue more than some other colors. For example, darker blues denote more security while lighter blues are seen as more friendly.

Green: The color of nature; that symbolizes wealth, natural energy, renewal and the environment. Green is another color where the exact shade of green can drastically change the meaning behind it. There is a big difference between a green associated with wealth and a green associated with the environment. Green can also be associated with jealousy or envy. Again, this is a situation where context is important. Green is also the easiest color that attract virtual feel through the eyes.

Purple: A magnificent color that indicates royalty, creativity, wisdom, dignity, status. Lighter purples can also be associated with love and romance. It comes with strong and feminine brands like jewelry ads, cosmetic ads and websites, if your target market is ladies oriented and then use Purple.

Pink: The feminine color and it’s a color for Romance, love, calm, femininity, and friendship. Pink traditionally is associated with femininity and is seldom used in design to target men. Because of its calming effect, the color pink has been used to paint the locker rooms of opposing sports teams. Pink is a good example of how the meanings behind colors can shift. Today, many would associate pink with breast cancer awareness.

White: White has a positive connotation and can be used with just about any color. On its own, white can give off the feeling of emptiness. The combination of white with any dark color will attract human eyes and it stays in the memory. Nike has used this strategy for its logo and other branding strategies.

Black: the manly color and it indicates Power, elegance, prestige, and classiness. On the opposite end of the spectrum from white, black is another color that can be used with just about any other color. The combination of black with any of the cool color is an amazing combination for any visuals. But in some situation it indicates evil or negativity, it will click only of we use it properly.

Gold: It’s a secondary color of yellow that point out prestige, illumination, wealth, and expensive things. When used as a primary color in design, gold often takes on the properties of yellow. It also gives a warm and royal feel while it used with warm or medium colors.

Silver: Again it’s a color of prestige, cold and scientific. Silver is very similar to gold but it evokes a colder emotion rather than the happier, brighter feeling associated with gold. It works well when you use it with some masculine brands and images.

All the above descriptions are based upon different studies and personal perception of the people who work behind it. No one can predict the science behind the colors; it changes with situation, culture, region and so on. Understand your customer profile well before you color your explainer video, it may give a strong hit on your side as well as your client side.





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